Armor wrap repair tape permanent fix on metal rubber plastic

Armor Wrap Repair Tape Permanent Fix
  • Seller Hebei Chaoda Seal Products Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 500 Roll/Rolls armour tape/armored tape/armor wrap
  • FOB Price US $1-2.9 /Roll

Item Details

Port: Tianjin etc.
Supply Ability: 10000 Roll/Rolls per Day Armored tape
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal

Product Description

Armor wrap repair tape permanent fix on metal rubber plastic

Water curing, in the air can also slow curing;

Temperature resistance150℃;

√ Can be glued to the rubber, PVC, polyester, metal, fiberglass and concrete materials;

Within 10 minutes fast curing, can be used in water;

√ Water resistance and most of the chemical solvents and fuel, wet strength retention rate is above 85%;

Resistance to mechanical wear;

√ Resistant to internal pressure up to 10 kilograms;

Almost no tension when the expansion;

√ Terminal end automatic lapping;

Using high-performance packaging materials, should not be damaged;

Guarantee the validity at least 2 years.


1. pipe Repairs:
Offline Repairs • Active Leaks • Sealing Joints • Hazardous Material Spill Control • Reinforce Thinning Walls • Corrosion Control & Protection.
2. Abrasion Protection:
Structural Reinforcement;
Repairs in Hard to Reach Areas;
Underwater Repairs;
Electrical conduit/ cable repairs;
3. Many industries:
Oil & Gas; Petrochemical; Offshore; Chemical; Marine; Power Generation; Building & Facilities Management; Water Distribution; Wastewater; Manufacturing Plants; Industrial Processing; Electronics; Pharmaceutical; Pulp & Paper; Military; Irrigation; Food Processing.

4. Pipes Containing:
Water (Drinking water, Wastewater, Steam);

Acids (Hydrochloric, Sulfuric, Nitric, Phospheric);
Alkalis (Ammonia, Potassium, Sodium Hydroxide);
Hydrocarbons (Benzene, Gasoline, Kerosene, Toluene, Xylene);
Fuel • Solvents • Chemical • Gases • Bases • Slurries • Organics • Salts.


1. Clean the surface of the entanglement; wear gloves and tear open package along the V slot;
2. Pour the water into the bag, remove the bandage after squeeze a few seconds, squeeze out excess moisture;
3. Winding:
1)If used for leak repair, first with conventional sealing material leaks blocked. This step is omitted when used for other purposes;
2)The bandage along the 45°angle direction gradually winding, each around circle should overlapping on 1/3 of last circle, and give a little bit strength to make the bandage can be based on the surface shaping;
3) In case of diameter suddenly become larger or smaller place, it can be reverse fold wrapping;
4)Please according to the shown pay attention to the correct direction of the winding in the right direction, after completion of the winding Press gently on the end of the bandage, it can automatically lapping;
4. In the same way, winding the 4-8 layer and the specific layers are different according to different application;
5.At 20℃, 4 minutes to reach the non sticky state, within8-10 minutes can be curing bearing, within 24 hours can achieve the requirements of curing completely.

Curing time reference value

1. 2℃/36°F: 15minutes;
2. 25℃/77°F: 8minutes;
3. 50℃/122°F: 4minutes.

Transportation and storage

1.When transport should prevent stress, direct sunlight and rain snow leaching;

2.Avoid deliberately kneading bags, prevent breakage of packaging bags;
3.Should be stored in dry, avoid light, avoid heat indoor, storage temperature should be lower than 40℃, preferably below 30℃.


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