KYN 61 40.5 distribution box online shopping electrical equipment supplies switchgear

KYN 61 40 5 Distribution Box
  • Seller HNAC Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1 Set/Sets KYN28 switchgear
  • FOB Price US $1000-10000 /Set

Item Details

Supply Ability: 1500 Set/Sets per Month KYN28 switchgear
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

Product Description

KYN 61-40.5 distribution box online shopping electrical equipment supplies switchgear

Product Description

Professional Medium voltage and Low voltage switchgear manufacturer in China


1. Ratings: system voltage 40.5kV, rated current up to 3150A, AC 50/60HZ

2. Application: mainly applicable in the power plant, substation, mineral enterprise to receive and distribute power with the functions of controlling, protecting and monitoring. It also can be used in places where the frequently operations are in need.

3. Standard: IEC62271-200

Working Conditions
1. Ambient air temperature: -10°C~+40°C
2. Altitude: ≤1000m
3. Relative humidity : Daily average≤95%; Monthly average≤90%
4. Earthquake intensity:≤magnitude 8.
5. Applicable in the places without corrosive and flammable gas.
Note: Customized products are available.

Main technical Parameter

No. Item Unit Data
1 Rated voltage kV 40.5
2 Rated insulation level lightning impulse withstand voltage (full wave) kV 185
1 min power frequency withstand voltage kV 95
3 Rated frequency Hz 50
4 Rated current kA 630 1250 1600
5 Rated short -circuit breaking current kA 20 25, 31.5 25, 31.5
6 Rated short -circuit making current kA 50 63, 80 63, 80
7 Rated withstands current (peak) kA 50 63, 80 63, 80
8 Rated short-time withstand current kA 20 25, 31.5 25, 31.5
9 Switchgear shell protection level IP3X
Overall dimension (Weight×Depth×height) VCB Cabinet mm 1400×2800×2600
10 SF6 CB Cabine mm 1400×2950×2600
11 Weight (CB cabinet) kg 2600
Handcart Weight SF6 handcart kg 300
VCB handcartt kg 400


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