LX560 s cup counting and packing machine

LX560 S Cup Counting And Packing
  • Seller Ruian LX Plastic Machinery Limited
  • Min. Order 1 Set/Sets
  • FOB Price US $16800-19800 /Set

Item Details

Port: NingBo
Supply Ability: 4 Set/Sets per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

Product Description

LX560-s cup counting and packing machine


Product Description

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Design Feature

Suitable for counting and packing single roll of cups and double roll of cups

,3rolls packing and 4 rolls packing are available .

Counting cups by servo.

Optical Fiber can be suitable for counting and packing containers .

Pneumatic sealing clamping ( servo clamping is avaliable )

.Hole making for air leakage from bag ,easier for packing in carton

Optional Device making big Hole for hang on good shelf in supermarket

.Automatically counting and bagging cups with Bopp and LDPE film

. Precise acounting accuracy utilizing Servo Motor or Optical Fiber

Unreeling film by Servo motor

Film transportation driven by Servo motor

Transportation of Cups rolles utilizing servo motor

.Packing will automatically stops when there is no cup in machine.

.Touch Screen and PLC control

Directly use film for bagging without need of buying plastic bags for bagging.

Our Services

--------- Our Services ---------

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Technical support
Upon receiving the deposit, we will offer the following technical services:
1. Make drawings of your project for your approval after receiving your samples
2. Provide mould drawings .
3. Provide electric diagram .
4.provide drawings of sensor layout, pneumatic layout, sensor layout and motor layout
5.provide picture of labeling of all electric parts and pneumatic parts.
6. Free technical suggestions on adjusting of equipment layout and application.
5. Equipment upgrading (customers need to pay the cost);

Quality assurance
1. Strictly conforming to ISO9001-2000 quality management system an and Security conforming to CE ;
2. Strict control from purchasing inspection, process inspection to final proofing;
3. Established several QC departments to execute quality control regulations;
4. Detailed quality control examples:
(1) Complete files for quality control and quality feedback;
(2) Strict inspection for the components to assure products free of damage and avoid rust-eaten and paint peeling off later on.
(3) Only qualified components will be assembled and total equipment must be inspected completely before sale.

After sale service
1. we can offer a full training in our factory on operation and maintain
2. Installation and commissioning in buyer’s factory is available with all cost caused by visit on buyer’s account.
3. The warranty is one year. And after one year of warranty, service is still available with cost on buyer’s account if it
involves parts changing.

Company Information

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LX plastic machinery Co.,Ltd,

One of Chinese leading manufacturers specialized in trim-in-place type thermoforming machine ,
post-trim type thermoformer and vacuum and pressure forming machine Our thermo former foucs
in serving one category :plastic Automatic thermoforming line and plastic thermoforming system
and pressure and vacuum former; for disposable plastic packaging; we bring exceptional, easy use
thermoforming equipment and pressure and vacuum forming machine into hands of consumers.
The Best Quality
Dedicated engineers, nice service and leading edge manufacturing techniques combine to produce
the best quality thermoforming machinery; and vacuum and pressure forming machinery available
to customers .

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Packaging & Shipping

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--------- FAQ ---------

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1.What can IM Model do?
It produces clamshell,container,lid, tray and dish with rolled-lip

2.What material IM mdoel can process?
It can mainly process PP PET BOPS PS PVC sheet

3.What is MAX. speed of praticl production?
As far as we tested, it is 33cycles/min for 0.2mm PET . for higher speed , we still need more testing

4.What is Trim-in-place and what is post-trim?
Trim-in-place means forming and cutting inside the same mould .
Post-trim means cutting after forming.

5.what is different among IM 2in1 ,IM 3in1 and IM 4in1?
IM-2in1 does forming and cutting in the same station with steel-rule-knife.
It can makes any packaging if there is no requirement of making holes on it.
IM-3in1=IM-2in1+ second cut-press , it can do trim-in-place process and post-trim process . it means it can do cutting after forming station and in forming station.
IM-4in1=IM-2in1 +second cut-press +thrid cut-press, it can do trim-in-place and post-trim process and also do hole-punching .

6. what is the advantage of trim-in-place ?
bring indentical trimming for parts made in film with high shrinkage rate like pure PP .
no wasting time on adjustting accuracy of trimming

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